Access the Best Legal Norwegian Casino Sites in 2024

gaming law in norway gaming law in norway

Having discussed at length about how you can obtain free bingo games, we now turn our attention to real money gameplay and how you can acquire this through online Norwegian casino sites. We discuss the laws of gambling in Norway, the rule and services that surround this.

Learning the Norwegian Stance on Gambling

Norway is famous for having strict gambling laws, or so they would have you believe. As the country is not part of the EU, they can make their own laws, and this comes to the detriment of the Norwegian people. Though the surface of the law may look stern and fully state-controlled, the fact of the matter is, the operate just like any other country in the world.

The Facts behind the Fiction of Gambling in Norway

In Norway, there are two ways of gambling and to no surprise, these businesses are state-owned. Players in Norway are able to gamble on sports, mainly horses, through the Norsk Rikstoto option and can play lottery games via Norsk Tipping. Why state-own and why allowed if the laws are so well-known for making ‘gambling illegal’, well taxes make the government a lot of money and we will come back to this when looking at online casinos.

In Norway, it is illegal for any business to form a casino, let alone an online site, this is primarily because the two businesses in Norway have exclusive rights over the services of gambling.

As proven with every country, if the government can make money, then a blind eye is turned.

Online Gambling in Norway

The stance of the Norwegian government is that gambling is illegal, however, what they don’t tell you, is that online gambling isn’t even mentioned in the written law, there is no distinction between what class and forms of gambling there are.

Laws are seemingly meant to be confusing when it comes to countries like Norway. The bottom line is that gambling brings in a lot of income through taxes, but governments can’t be seen to want to support it because of the taboo that still surrounds the subject.

There are many loopholes that, therefore, allow for Norwegian players to access online casinos..

The Facts of Online Gambling in Norway

There are hundreds of Norwegian casino sites online, so how is this possible if ‘gambling is illegal’? Well, no Norwegian business can actively open a casino site up because the rules all prohibit remote sites. However, there is no clear law in the regulations that cease players from playing inside of casinos that are based overseas.

The irony is that Norway’s Gaming Authority has prohibited offshore sites from advertising gambling services online. Yet, they fully admit “the ban on advertising cannot be fully and effectively forced by those in the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority due to the lack of resources!”

In order to play online, you simply need to join a casino that is registered outside of the Norwegian borders and is supported with an online gambling license which is given by another governmental regulatory body such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission, two of the more popular licensors in the world.

Now, Norwegian law will also state that all winnings made through gambling must be noted on tax returns, again more ways for the government to make money. It is not entirely true though when you investigate EEA tax law. There again is no clarity to gambling in general and gambling online and the Norwegian government are unable to investigate or even know who gambles online and where even if winnings are made.

Why Online Casinos are Better

The options are simple. Play inside the construed laws of Norway’s own business with lottery games and keno, that offer such extraordinary odds, winning big would be unlikely. Otherwise, opt to enjoy horse racing through their Norsk Rikstoto service. In short, what you get is limited and very dull at best.

Alternately, you can play inside of hundreds of casinos online, where your gaming expanse can go into every possible area to have been created for the market. Sports betting that isn’t just horses but covers every global sport from football through to tennis.

Then you have live streaming that provides live dealer games that includes roulette, poker and blackjack. There is also a new breed of game show features that include Deal or No Deal and Monopoly Live.

Amongst this and much more, you have over 5000 different slots to play that come with multi-millions in prize jackpots to be won and paid out in krone currency.

Picking the Right Norwegian Casino

Getting the right casino is best done through independent comparison sites such as Through sites like this, you are able to find a list of legally approved sites that have been tested and checked to be authentic, validated and certified legally and independently as being fair, safe and legitimate.

Picking the right casino always must begin with the safety aspects, having a valid site that is legal is the foundation of your search. After this, you can begin to look at your needs as a player. So, games are a clear vital factor, pick the site that meets your requirements for entertainment. Once you established the casinos that can provide the games, then begin looking at which of those casinos are able to fuel your time playing with continuous and frequent free bonuses that will let you play for free and allow you to keep the winnings made from them.

Another important factor is the banking. Yes, these casinos will support the krone currency, but you need to be able to meet the banking services used by that casino in order to put your money in to play and withdraw when you win.

Note, however, that you can join more than one online casino at a time. It is common for new first-time players to sign up with 4 or 5 in the first 2 months, before settling with 1 or 2 of their favourites, so don’t feel you only have one choice in all of this.

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